martes, 8 de octubre de 2013


A short preview of images of what Eli is working on:

WIP Adenau Route By ceSniper (RF)

Adenau Route: 

A recreation (not accurate) of the road from Adenau to the Nurburgring track. Just for fun with your friends, traffic stays on the right side of the road, so you can overtake or you can choose to find them coming your way. 

WIP to be finished soon.

domingo, 11 de agosto de 2013

Released Euroring 1.1 By Vicent-Sollana (RF2)

Hi guys,

I'm very proud to bringing you a new conversion for RF2. I've been working on it for the last half year, learning things, so I hope you like it as much as I did during the conversion.

The track was created by Image Space Incorporated for the rfactor Drift Revolution Install over 2007.

All contents copyright are property of Image Space Incorporated.

//-----------------------Euroring For RF2


Realroad is implemented and working.
Wet reflections.
Profile HDR made by Tosch also a few tweaks on textures to adapt for HDR.
Corner Workers are animated.
Little track wip for Formula RC.

Things to do:

Changes on grass textures, thanks to Mario Morais for help me.

And I want to say thank you to Tosch for making a brillant HDR profile and some tweaks on textures, also TJC, Kknorpp001,ceSniper,cranck (who made a video preview), juanchio, canastos, ragnator,for testing the track and give me feeling to do some things.

To Image Space Incorporated for building this fantastic simulator.

And of course to this brillant comunity  where I learn every single day, thank you very much.

Tools used:

3DMAX 2010 32bits SP2
GmaterialTool by MarioMorais
3DSimedL By Dave Noonan

Video preview by Eli Cranck

You can find the track in the download section

Alpharacers Modding Team.

martes, 30 de julio de 2013

Released MountStenth 1.0 By ceSniper (RF)

Mt.Stenth README


Project Description:

This project began trying to recreate a typical windy mountain road in south Europe, which I am not sure I´ve achieved, then developed into a rally oriented track with some nice views along the way, but in any case I think it has a nice technical 10.79km layout and is fun to drive.
Then I thought about making a gravel version of the same track, so I did.

There was a moment where the two projects separated and when the layout is the same there are some differences between them. Different width, grip and bumpiness and also some difference in looks with different items and distribution. The overall look is pretty similar.

the gravel version has a few jumps that have been smooth out (mostly) for the tarmac version.

I hope you enjoy it with your friends as I have done with mine testing it. Thanks to them for their feedback and fun along the way.

Thanks to all the good people sharing xpacks and to eli Cranck for letting me use some of the buildings he is making for a great project he is working on!!




Drag the "MountStenth" folder to your rfactor\gamedata\locations
both versions are inside


Known bugs:

if you crash heavily against guardrails you´ll get stucked and the game begins to shutter. Worst case scenario hit "esc"
I did not want to "fix" it because in real life you will get at least stucked, not just bound back on to the road. This way players have to be more careful and avoid "arcade" driving

Thanks for downloading it and enjoy it!!


xPacks used:

casas rfactor
3d people
dirt track equipment
japan collection
objects poland
old church
pack señales batisburg + veyron
plp signalitation
pl vegetation
rally road element
road post pack
sisco varios
trees xpack
us cars
utility poles 01


You can find the track in the download section.

ceSniper July 2013

martes, 18 de junio de 2013

Released Roura Rouge 1.0 By ceSniper (RF)

This 7km long fictional road is located in the south of France

You begin at a parking lot, which is where you meet your friends for a drive
It is a nice drive with some challenging corners along the way. Also nice to drive at night, lights in houses, towns and objects are set to receive light.

AIW as been tuned using AIW editor for the first time. It works better in gt cars than open wheeler. There´s pit space for 40 cars

I´ve also used some of my own xpacks as well.


Drag to your rfactor\gamedata\locations folder

I hope you like it and enjoy it

You can find the track in the download section.

ceSniper 2013
Alpharacers modding team

domingo, 9 de junio de 2013

Released Snowy Fields 2013 ICE By ceSniper (RF)

Snowy Fields 2013

This is a new version of my "snowy fields" track.

Now you get to race on ice!!

I played around with the grip levels until I found something similiar to driving on ice. There are no ice tyres on rfactor, so it has been tested with dry tyres and depends on the mod, grip level may vary. In any case, I find it great fun to race wtih a rwd or 4wd, where you can go sideways (which I like) for almost the whole lap
In any case, enjoy it, have fun and go sideways!!!

You can find the track in the download section.

Alpharacers modding team

sábado, 8 de junio de 2013

Released PinzannediOtto 1.0 By ceSniper (RF)

Pinzanne di Otto is a fictional road somewhere in Italy. Just drive for the views, test your new car or go for a fun run with your mates.
It began as a learning test and ended up being a nice 24kms run through farms. There are a few side roads, a small airport and a half built race track

The race track didnt have the political support to go ahead so plans were abandoned before it was finished, tought the layout is there, but rough, missing all the necesary signs and security measures to race. There are a couple of grandstands they managed to build before it was totally abandoned, but that and some racing apex here and there (to visit it, turn rules off) is as much as they managed to build.

enjoy it and have fun!

as always, thanks to my partners at Vicent Sollana and Eli cranck for their help and technical assistance and to everyone who cares to share xpacks on line.


You can find the track in the download section.

Alpharacers modding Team

jueves, 30 de mayo de 2013

HILLCLIMB Los Marteles - Gran Canaria(RF). By Eli

Aqui está la criatura, ante todo agadecer a Skider su aportación con el proceso del mallado del terreno, y como no a los testers que con sus aportaciones hicieron que sea aún mejor de lo que ya era. El tramo esta en los dos sentidos de subida y de bajada, espero que lo disfruteis igual que yo he disfrutado haciéndolo, un saludo y  a quemar el asfalto.

Cualquier cosa que veais que se me pueda haber escapado no dudeis en decirlo, y se hara alguna que otra actualización hasta dejarlo niquelaooo!!!!

Encontraras la descarga del circuito en la zona de descargas.

Alpharacers Modding Team.

martes, 19 de marzo de 2013

The island 1.0 By ceSniper (RF)

Just a fun project where you get to drive around an island, somewhere in the Caribean (the coordinates are set as St. Marteen) . AI cars follow their side of the road, so you can overtake them "legally". It also makes it fun to race against traffic.

Enjoy it!

You can find the track in download section.

Alpharacers modding team

miércoles, 13 de marzo de 2013

Released Shakedown Mar7MotorSport By Eli (RF)

Tramo correspondiente al sector  de Marzagán _ Tafira de 2.3 km en el que se realiza el shakedown del rallye Gran Canaria el Corte Ingles.

Ruta real con entorno ficticio.

By eli.

Lo encontraras en la zona de descargas.

Alpharacers Modding Team.