domingo, 30 de diciembre de 2012

Released Toban Raceway Park 078

Toban Raceway Park V0.78 - Release notes:

- It is not finished.
- Racing at night not possible yet, I'm still looking for good configurations.
- Wet track is possible.
- AI still needs a lot of work.
- Marshals will be included in upcoming updates.
- There are 7 HD profiles, the last one is Toban_BloomV6
- The trees are currently in 2D, there will be updates with more trees including 3D ones.

Please uninstall the previous version in order avoid conflicts.

Consider that the circuit is unfinished, not by far, keep that in mind when you download it.


Special thanks to.....Mario Morais, Jka, K Szcech, Feels3, Tuttle and ethone who helped me a lot. Sorry if I left anyone out, I really recieved a lot of help from a lot of people.

Thanks for the testers who helped find bugs, ceSniper, Juanchio, Hoover, tjc, tosch.

Thanks to tosch for making the profiles,thanks a lot.

And also thanks to my girlfriend for her support and for not leaving me.

Thanks to the ISI crowd for allowing people like me who enjoy doing this.

And Happy new year to all of you,

martes, 4 de diciembre de 2012

IRIANA Coming to RFactor 2

Two shots of the conversion's development.

Tools used:

3dsimed3f  For all objects,terrain and others.

3dmax For the road mesh,increment of polys and implemented of the "realroad".

Track created by ceSniper, Converted to rfactor2 by Alpharacersmoddingteam.

viernes, 26 de octubre de 2012

Toban RF2 Released 0.41 WIP

Hi guys.

We've started the conversion of the Toban circuit to RF2, that circuit that brings us so many joy
At the moment I have the terrains with the new shaders as well as the roadmesh working with the realroad.

Now I want to adapt as many objects of the mills as I can.

The layouts included for the first version are:


*Toban_Long_24 REV

All contents' copyright are property of Image Space Incorporated.

Tools used:

3dmax 2010
3dsimed 3.0F


New Textures added from Huddson Kerr version of toban

Build 118


I Re-imported all track mesh and reworked on the textures, added new textures for the rumbles, redimensioned all the textures and try to adjust everything. Still have a lot to do, but I'm going to look for tutorials on youtube.

Thanks to mario morais for the rumbles' textures.

Thanks also mianiak,mario and feels3 for the tips.


I think the track is at a good starting point, it's time to begin the tests. I still have a lot of things to do but for right now I thing I can use a little feedback about feeling on the road.


Release Notes:

RealRoad implemented
Reflections (REFMAP)
The track is very clean at the start, I'm thinking about adding skidmarks,cracks and other stuff.


Track mesh needs more work on in.

No trees in this version, will be added in upcoming updates.

Wet reflections don't work propertly.


The AI for the race doesn't work very well, every lap crashes at the turn 1 & 2, I have to re do the aiw for rfactor2 so in this version the aiw comes from rf1's version

Thanks to mario morais for his tips and some textures, mianiak and feels3 for the tips and everyone who helped me whit posts in the modding thread.

Consider that the circuit is unfinished, not by far, keep that in mind when you download it.

Alpharacers Modding Team,2012.

domingo, 7 de octubre de 2012

Maspalomas Gran Canaria 1.1 (RF1)

The idea is to recreat the Mas Palomas circuit in Gran Canaria. It is Crank's job, it is a fantastic job.
Give it a look and appreciate it for yourselves.

Alpharacers Modding Team.

miércoles, 3 de octubre de 2012

Lemalands (RF2) WIP

Hemos empezado un nuevo proyecto, la conversión para rfactor2 del circuito Lemalands, by Lemax. Tenemos los permisos necesarios para poder convertirlo, asi que, allá vamos!!!

We've started a new project, the conversion to Rfactor 2 of the Lemalands Circuit by Lemax. We have all the permission that are need it to convert it ... so... here we go!!!

Creador del circuito Lemaxxxx.

Track creator Lemaxxxx.


* Permiso concedido.

* Permission granted.


*Primeras pruebas en pista.

*First test on the track.

Iremos actualizando la entrada con el desarollo.

We will be posting update on this blog.

Alpharacers Modding Team.

Snowy Fields V1.0 (RF1)

It is a fantasy track created by me, using the xpacks available on the internet, so thanks a lot to every one who cared to share.

Longford 67 Houses
European road elements
PLP Signalitation
and jay_666 skies

Thanks to all of you!

It is a 5km course on a winding road, i hope you enjoy it

Recommended for Rally cars and GT cars, it is also very nice to drive at night.


Town of Batisburg V1.0 (RF1)

The town of Batisburg is a small town in...the middle of nowhere.....

What makes it special is the underground racing culture, with the 10km long road to the farms used illegally to race some powerful cars (and not so powerful, these people would race anything). Unfortunately, lots of crashes happen on those roads, specially at the "macho uphill corner", a fast blind uphill right hand corner, where huge accidents usually take place, mostly to the less talented, the most talented even drift it all the way up at more than 160km/h.
Petrol heads usually meet at the Motel at the lake later on to cool down, share their stories and a beer.

Now it comes the tricky part; If you pay attention, there are signs that lead you to some "hidden" facilites, but well known by the locals. There are some crappy roads to get there, but that is because the Major doesn´t want to invest on it. There are an old 3km long racing track (not in use anymore, bloody Major), twisty one, a mile long drag racing strip, (not in use anymore except for some locals racing at night) which nowdays has become a place for families to go on weekends with their caravans or they just stay at the rental houses at the end of the old straight or at the wonderful Hotel opposite the straight. And there also seems to be a high speed facility used by some brands to test their top of the line car´s top speed, so you may get the chance to see wonderful cars there or hearing them thundering on the background :). "Some say " that is a secret 9km straight followed by a 30º banked corner to take cars to their top speed but access to this site is very restricted and there is no way to tell except for some google images.
You can always try to sneak in but chances are there are guards at the entrance to check your credentials.
After all the 45km+ adventure, you can go back to Batisburg or take the service road to go back to the drag strip :)

The Virtual making of Batisburg:

Author note:
Please remember that I made this by myself, so it can´t be as good as if a team of people would do it, so please don´t judge my work as if I am an expert or get paid for this because I am not and I am not pretending to be one, this is all for fun! People that really know how BTB works know what I´ve done is not that hard, it just takes looots of time.
I decided to release, so if you are going to post a download link anywhere else I would appreciate if you drop me a line letting me know out of courtesy.

Where it all comes from:

It all began almost a year ago now when I saw a black and white picture of some 1950´s f1 cars racing on a bumpy straight road passing by farms and driving away. I thought it was awesome, so I decided to make my own "farms straight". I began work with BTB and the things I was learning from making "Iriana Raceway", so for a time, I was working at both projects at the same time.
Then as you know, the devil is in the detail and I began working on it. So I created a small town and a road around it with some farms and some other "secondary" roads. Then worked a lot to give it the "atmosphere" I wanted in what became a 10km long road.
When I was almost done and thinking of releasing it, and after long hours testing it for bugs with my friend Vicent, I came up with the crazy idea of testing what would happen if I built another 3km racing track next to it. I made a test and it was working fine without getting fps problems. I shared it with a few friends and got positive feedback and while talking about it we thought; what about a drag racing strip? - that would be nice! so I made one and the 8km long road to and from the drag strip was working. Then began working in details (trees, houses etc) and things where looking great....but then we heard somewhere that VW has this hidden facility where they test the Veyron´s top speed, sooooo....I gave it a try. This resulted in yet another 25kms of road added, which makes it a total of around 50km of driveable roads in total. But it began to take its toll, I am having problems loading textures, editing, exporting and all sorts of stuff, and more over, things are beggining to get laggy, so I have to stop work on it and release it, hoping to increase performance in the future.There are places that will look "poor" compared to others, but as I said, my BTB/PC can´t take any more and I have to stop the project here even though I would like to finish all those little details.

The name of the Town? It came out of the blue.....


All of you who cared to post asking and specially all of you who care to answer questions in BTB forums, all of you who cared to share their xpacks, (specially, and forums in general and share your knowledge, everything I looked for I found. It has been a personal learning curve and I´ve spent lots of hours just reading and learning how to do things. I would like more details, more stuff, but that would take me even more time, my pc is about to explode and I have to move on :)

Thanks to every one who posted their awesome xpacks, I am useless at photoshop and everything related, including use of dds and those.
Special thank you to my friend Vicent, who jumped on the project and helped me with bug testing, ideas and xpacks, making the Batisburg signs, the Veyron and some other cool stuff into an xpack for me to use, then packing the .mas files and helping with the loading screen design.

I/We had a lot of fun along the way, we´ve tested mainly with the HISTORIC GT mod and it is meant to be driven with those cars.
It would be awesome to see someday an online server where some ppl would race on Batisburg roads while some others drag race and others test their car´s top speed. There are 60 places in pits, but I am afraid it will get too laggy...

In any case, enjoy it!

xPacks used:

Great Britan (RBR)
Old UK advertising
Pack señales Batisburg+veyron
RALLY road_element
Textures Janvier

Thanks to all of you!



Iriana Raceway 2011 1.15 (RF1)

It has been a few Months working on this one on and off and hundrends of hours fixing and trying to improve it as I learned new things about BTB, but I think finally is worth releasing it.

It is a fantasy track created by me, using the xpacks available on the internet, so thanks a lot to every one who cared to share.

Great Britan xPack
Longford 67 Houses
Rural Australia
European road elements
Basic city pack
PLP Signalitation
and jay_666 skies

Thanks to all of you!

It is a 7+km course in the town of Iriana, where once a year, the event is held.

Recommended for GT cars, it is also very nice to drive at night.

Thanks to my friends in for their help, beta testing and packaging.
Also thanks to Elicranck for his help (basically teaching me to do things), thanks mate!

If you have problems with fps, lower textures resolution to high

1.15 update released. It is just the AIW file fixed. Simply overwrite the old file to fix the DQ problem.

martes, 2 de octubre de 2012

Holidays 1.0 (RF1)

Holidays is a recreation of a fictional track in mid-america.This is my first circuit made from scratch.


Frame rate friendly.
24 dedicated Garage/Pit Slots..


Unzip to: rFactor\GameData\Locations


This track is very easy on the frame rates, so you should be able to run in DX8 or DX9 even with a older/slower video card.


Thank you very much to my friend ceSniper for the many hours testing and giving me advice on emerging problems.



Thanks to all of them without their input would not be possible.

This track is fully developed with the historX Mod.

That's about it... Please let me know of any problems you may encounter.

Town of Aretua 1.0 (RF1)

The track was orginally created for private use and now is time to share with the community. This is one of 3 circuits I have been working for some time and Im going to share them on this coming weeks.

Located in the mountains, it is a joyride trough different locations using some winding and fun roads. Inspired by some real roads, I tried to give it a open road atmosphere.
Also good fun to drive at night.

There is quite a lot of attention to detail and it is fps friendly, so have a fun ride.

Again thank you to every one sharing xpacks, and to my friend Vicent-Sollana, for his help on textures and xpacks.

ceSniper 2012

Xpacks used:

3d People
Barcos by Vicent Sollana
casas rfactor fixed for rfactor by Vicent
European road elements
GB xpack
Hungarian xpack
Japan Collection
Pack señales Batisburg
PLP signalitation
Road mid
Rural Australia
Texture compilation
Trackside objects
US cars
Utility poles

Maikita Roads 1.0 (RF1)

Maikita Roads (Iceland) README

This project began watching a Top Gear episode that was taking place in Iceland.
I thought it would be nice to try to do something similar, and encouraged by my girlfriend I began work.

There is a main road 18km long that goes around cliffs and mountains, another road going to a little town and the old road to the bottom of the used for other activities...

There are some work areas with bumps, pay attention to trafic signs in order to slow down. Thare are some twisty areas and some fast ones, be careful on the fast ones since an accident can send you down the cliffs.

It is dedicated to my girlfriend Maika, who also tested the track and the reason why it all began, hence the "Maikita roads" name, location Iceland.

Since is very up north, night time is pretty short.

I hope you enjoy it.


Drag the "Iceland" folder to your locations folder , then look for "iceland" in game.

I included a HAT file just in case.
Drag the HAT file to rfactor\userdata\log\HAT

Thanks to everyone sharing xpacks, thanks to my friend Vicent for testing it with me, giving me ideas and general help and to Eli Cranck for leting me use his great looking "la era" xpack

ceSniper 2012